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My Story

You might come across several people who get into social service for the sake of fulfilling numerous personal agendas and profits. Rare are the people who are identified as authentic and genuine souls who believe social service to be an integral part of their lives. People who perform social service without any personal or selfish motive are hard to find and Mr. Dinesh Poddar is one of them.

Born in a small village of Rajasthan on 21st June 1967, Mr Poddar lived in a joint family.They moved to Jaipur in October, 1975 when he was just 8 years old. He was fond of studying and in 4th standard, he got admitted in a school named Shubham Shiksha Samiti, Jaipur. He was a very bright student and therefore excelled in his studies from the beginning. He believed that everything can be achieved with and work and he followed the same philosophy throughout his life.

He showed the traits of being self reliant and social devotion since his childhood days. He lived in a joint family where the earnings were enough only to have meals twice a day but not more than that. Nevertheless, he did not lose hope. Being a bright student, Dineshji never wanted to quit his education due to financial reasons. Therefore, he started to work for himself. He began to sell lottery games to kids of his age and in this way, he paid his school fees in his early days. Further, he always earned for himself to pay all his educational expenses because he loved to study and dreamt of gaining higher education. But, apart from paying his fees, he also helped others financially with the rest. He believes that one should have enough to eat and the rest should be donated to help the needy.